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And in other news...


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And in other news...

Link: http://www.p00le.net/hell.jpg

This picture amused me. Dunno if it's Photoshopped or just a place with an amusing name. The writing looks real, since it's got that cellular appearance found in road-side informational signs.


Comment from: Dee [Visitor]
Deeyeah - there really is a place called Hell in the US. Can you remember back a few years when the Eagles did thier "Hell Freezes Over" tour? Apparently they said they would tour again when Hell freezes over, so when the wee town of Hell froze over, they had to tour :D
21/04/06 @ 15:36
Comment from: Steve [Visitor]
SteveHell is in a small town in Norway with about 300 locals and about 10 million tourists a day who all want to do like I did and stand in front of the railway stn and get a photo taken! :-)
24/04/06 @ 12:51
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