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Block-dropper's mate doesn't give a fuck about their victim


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Block-dropper's mate doesn't give a fuck about their victim

Seeing as this article has disappeared from the NZ Herald website, here's the text of it:


By David Fisher

A teenager who kept lookout when a slab of concrete was dropped from a motorway overbridge said he has sympathy for his 14-year-old murder-accused friend - rather than the driver who was killed.

In an interview with the Herald on Sunday, the boy, also 14, revealed what happened in the moments leading up to the death of motorist Chris Currie last weekend.

The pair, and another younger boy, were on the Princes St bridge on their way to a friend's house when the murder accused picked up the 8kg concrete slab from a builders' site.

"He grabbed a big rock. When I saw it, it looked little. I jumped up on the rails to see what cars were coming.

"There was a red car coming. [The murder accused] saw it and he dropped the rock."

As the rock hit the car, the boys were already making their escape.

"We just heard it smash on the window and ran off."

The murder accused ran to-wards his home, while the other two ran to a family member's home.

The boy said he returned to the scene about 30 minutes later and saw police and emergency services by the power pole that stopped the car carrying Mr Currie, his girlfriend Helen McCreadie, and two other girls.

"I just kept on walking."

Asked how he felt about it all, he said: "Sad. Not for that man but for [the boy charged]. He's my mate."

Asked more directly if he felt sad someone was killed, he said, "a little bit", then shrugged.

The boy's house, about 10 minutes' walk from the overbridge, was targeted last Tuesday in what his family believes was a revenge attack over the incident. Bricks were thrown at the house, smashing windows.

The boy, who is expected to be used as a police witness, said he did not discover someone had died until told by police on Monday.

It is believed he found out while being addressed by police at school.

A police spokeswoman said last Friday that there were no other charges expected to be laid.

Dr Nick Wilson, who as clinical psychologist at the Department of Corrections said young criminals sometimes did not realise the full consequences of their actions.

"They can be aware of the immediate consequences for themselves but not for the victim."

While many will blame parents, Dr Wilson believed it was possible to be born bad - although young people still had the freedom of decision.

Crown prosecutor Tim Brewer, who put a 14-year-old behind bars for the 2002 murder of Kenneth Pigott, said New Zealand was increasingly seeing young offenders being prosecuted for the most serious of crimes.

"They are truly a generation being raised in poverty; poverty of morality, poverty of role models, of parenting, of ambition. These kids came from nothing and they don't think they are going anywhere."

Mr Currie's under-20 King Country rugby team took the field against Waikato yesterday in Hamilton, after a hard week filled with grief. Coach Justin Marsh said the team were shaken again when they gathered before the game, realising again their friend would not be playing. "Not having him there is something we have to get used to. It's a testing time and a hard time for all of us."

Before the 1pm kick off, Mr Martin took the team onto the field. "I told them to be proud of who we are and what we are, and at the same time to remember out mate Chris."

Waikato proved too strong; King Country went down 107-0.

If ever there were a candidate for sterilisation, it's this little fucker. Zero empathy, zero compassion. We can but pray that he will meet a nasty end, really, since he's obviously not worth anything to society. He doesn't give a fuck about the man whose life his "mate" ended, the lives his mate ruined. His mate deserves everything he gets, and probably more, but the concept of consequences and responsibility obviously escapes this little thug.
Put him down now, and save society the cost of cleaning up after the sociopathic little fuck in years to come :-/

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Comment from: Nicky (chris's sisters) gud az frend [Visitor]
Nicky (chris's sisters) gud az frendthe litle fukn wanka hu did this kan burn in hell the police shud just fukn shoot the litle kunt. 4 wat he did tu nix and hur family is jus fukn discusting i hope him and his mate that didnt giv a fuk bout chris both rot in hell!
18/06/07 @ 13:09
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