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National's terminal case of double-standards

Simon Power says that the Liam Ashley debacle is the most serious departmental failing since Cave Creek, and Damien O'Connor should resign as Minister of Corrections. While the observation may indeed have merit, and Liam's case is certainly a fuckup o… more »


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Rodders doesn't want a pay increase?

I trust that Mr Hide will be refusing to accept his increased pay? After all, he obviously disapproves of the increases, despite the fact that the Government has precisely nothing to do with setting them. As a matter of principle - not that he's very goo… more »


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Prebbo's a sore loser

Well, he would be if he were still in politics. One can be sure that if we were facing a coalition of right-leaning parties, he would be singing the praises of MMP. Winston has a mandate to go to either side. He's left on some things (such as the Gol… more »


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Well, what a mess

No clear winner, or even really a definite leader. It could go to Helen, it could go to Don. The specials are an enormous part of the total vote cast - 10%, roughly - and on those votes we could watch the Greens vanish entirely. If that happens, things w… more »


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Destruction of civil liberties

Some interesting points-of-view in there. Obviously the old saw of "If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear", but also an unexpected post from someone who lives in a less-than-free state, Nigera: Living in a country that looks down on ci… more »

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