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Love those Monday-morning quarterbacks

One wonders how three officers were meant to "cordon and contain" and armed, violent man. Hold hands and play "ring-a-ring-a-rosie" around him? What was waiting for the AOS going to do? Delay Wallace's death by an hour or two? They weren't going to be t… more »


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I met Helen

Well, kinda. I got to shake her hand. It was an interesting day, yesterday. I got a text from Jordan on Saturday night asking if I could help Labour with a direct-mail campaign. "Free food and drink", he promised, so of course I couldn't possibly declin… more »


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Keith Locke's hair is too short, and he doesn't wear kaftans (at least not in public)

Other than that, the man is a total hippy and a complete waste of space. Smart bombs are better than the alternative, which is either carpet bombing (and the Yanks would do it if they didn't have an option) or a massive, bloody invasion using tanks, art… more »


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FTA with US can only be good for NZ

or so says Helen. And, indeed, any politician from a major party who goes on the record on the matter. I call bullshit. How would it be good for NZ to be forced to adopt US intellectual property protection laws? How would it be good for NZ to be forced… more »
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Nothing like a spot of speeding, eh?

So, we've established that speeding is OK when overtaking - well, according to the Transport Minister it is - but the official Police position is that exceeding the speed limit is never permissible unless you're an emergency vehicle. However, according… more »

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