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Brash sees no need for the Army

Well, that's how it appears. An army is not a domestic security force - well, it's not meant to be - and is thus meant to go overseas. So if Don won't send them to fight or to keep the peace, what the hell use are they? This is a man who's quite happy t… more »


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Act just want to shut down the Police

Now, the right to self-defence is important, and the current situation in NZ is well to the left of ridiculous on a scale of insane-to-supremely logical. However, one can't help feeling that Act really want to do this so that they don't have to increase… more »


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Is this true, Jeanette?

Probably is. And if it is, I sincerely hope that your day will come in five weeks' time. NZ is, quite rightly, recognised internationally for our very low levels of political corruption. Such actions by the members of the House do nothing for that rep… more »
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The end of an era

Farewell, elder statesman. It's rare for a politician to be respected from all sides, but David Lange achieved that end - after leaving politics, of course. Another leaf turns in the three-ring binder that is NZ history, and we are the poorer for it. M… more »


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I love cryptographers

Or are they cryptologists? Either way, they rock. My hat goes off to those responsible for finding the collision weakness in MD5, and thus rendering it insecure. Hail, conquering heroes. The next question is, are NZ's speed cameras similarly vulnerab… more »

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