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Unitec denied

It's very hard to tell if this was a justified decision by Trevor Mallard, or merely affirmation of a pre-determined position. Certainly it's hard to believe that Unitec could be so sure of their impending change in status at the same time as they were v… more »


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Oh, that Winston, he'll be the death of me

In a recent appearance before Grey Power in Kaitai, Winnie did utter All immigrants should be required to speak English and express willingness to adopt the "fundamental New Zealand values of freedom of speech, freedom of association and freedom of re… more »


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We're going to have an election

So now we know. Eight weeks away. Four weeks of campaigning for the major parties - that's one bonus, I guess, though with Winnie starting on Sunday we'll still be subjected to nearly two whole months of xenophobic ranting. The big question now is,… more »


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A letter to Telecom

As referenced in the article, below is the letter sent to the ComCom. Taken, via Google's cache, from PlaNet. ISPs Unhappy With Telecom's Broadband 5-7-05 The following is being sent to the Commerce Commission this week with the support of almo… more »


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What happens when you let the content companies set the rules?

You get locked out of being able to use content that you've paid for. You, the customer, have given your hard-earnt (or ill-gotten, if you work for the RIAA or MPAA) money for a product that you cannot use - not without spending up very large, in the ca… more »

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