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What Capill REALLY meant

Nicely translated, courtesy of Messr Farrar. The man is SCUM! with a capital everything. Hopefully he keeps that attitude up for the Parole Board to see. Shame he can't be held for more than 2/3 of the sentence though. more »


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Maybe NZ should just bow out of world cricket

It's blatantly obvious that the ICC care for nothing beyond crass lucre, and that attitude has permeated right through NZ Cricket. If a sport's governing body is absent any semblance of morality or ethics, it's a sport that should be kicked to the gutte… more »
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It's so tempting to go and heckle

It really is. I wonder how long I'd be allowed to stay if I were to yell out questions like "What's Destiny's position on slavery?" or "Will you be requiring women to visibily identify themselves during menstruation?" Maybe "Will your repeal of Section… more »


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Once again the US miss the point

How very nice that they want a dialog, to repair our relationship. It's a shame that they're entirely incapable of recognising that the situation as it stands is almost entirely of their making. Their inability to accept the absolute sovereignty of NZ… more »


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National? Tough on Aus? Like hell!

National would be too busy giving John a handjob to take this to the WTO disputes process. Typical posturing by Don. The WTO disputes process takes years, hopefully mediation will be all over within a couple of weeks. Most amusing was some Aussie on t… more »

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