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Telecom outage was "unforeseeable"

*choke* "Unforeseeable" my arse. When you have a two-path network, a failure in one path puts you a single failure away from today's situation - a total outage. When you are the monopoly incumbent, and even your major competitor is reselling your last… more »


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Oh dear, please not firearms registration

I had almost hoped that this issue was dead, and we weren't going to be afflicted with such bullshit. It seems not. Every country that has attempted to create a national firearms registry has seen spectacular failure amid massive budget over-runs and i… more »
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Destiny Party to contest election

Well, good luck to them. They're considered fringe wackos by everyone I know, and that includes a fair number of Christians. Many Christians view their positions as archaic, negative, and discriminatory - myself included. "Love the sinner but hate t… more »


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More fumbling over SH2

They're STILL fucking around? What is WITH these people? :roll: I realise that roadworks are expensive, and they're not revenue-gathering unlike issuing tickets, but the decision to put a wire barrier in at SH1 at Paekakariki was made and underway with… more »


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Europe has higher broadband up-take than the US

I dread to think where NZ is. Well, actually, sadly, I know exactly where NZ is. We're 24th! How cringe-worthy :-/ The country that once had the highest rate of 'net use in the world is now in the bottom fifth of the OECD for broadband connections.… more »

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