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"Let's take the easy way out, and raise the drinking age."

What a fucking crock! Back when the law was changed, we were told that under-age drinking would be a thing of the past because of all the new enforcement measures. That it would just be letting licenced premises serve the 18- and 19-year old patrons wh… more »


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Judicial independence? Not if they can help it

Well, if there was any doubt that the conservative US is rabidly seeking to stack the Supreme Court in their favour, this should quash it well-and-truly. Impeachment? Quoting Stalin? You'd think that the rhetoric was directed at someone who'd done som… more »


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Another six dead on NZ's roads

The road toll is now about 20 higher than this time last year. If the strict enforcement of traffic laws is bringing the road toll down, how come it isn't? 15 people in two crashes might be abberant, but it's also the reality. Remove those and we're s… more »


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Chinese find free speech grossly offensive

Well DIDDUMS! Tough shit, really. NZ is a democracy, and we allow people to protest in public - even members of the Government of the day. At least one member of the right has seized on this as an example of how NZ's Labour-led Government is well unde… more »
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Increased defence spending gets Aussie approval

Well, that's what the Christian Science Monitor says. I'm not entirely convinced. NZ's a pacifist? Surely we'd have no military if that were the case? A pacifist, in the truest sense of the word, believes that no violence is justified. Self-defence… more »

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