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Good thing we're not France or Germany, eh

A signet ring owned, purportedly (and with a certificate of authenticity), by Hermann Goering of Hiter infamy, is up for auction. I'm quite impressed that such an artifact still exists, and I have no real reason to doubt that it is what it's claimed to… more »


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School 'net filtering software casting too wide?

I guess it depends who you talk to. Groups like Destiny and United Future probably think it doesn't go far enough - and National and Act would probably like to see the filtering of left-wing sites as a matter of course - but if you're not a strictly con… more »


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America? Double standards? Surely not!

I realise that the US are fully anti-Communism, as is regularly demonstrated by them not buying Chinese goods and by Shrub not visiting China, but this is taking it too far. Carriles is a terrorist, plain and simple. He's also a fugitive of the Venezue… more »

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