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There are some REAL 'tards on the roads out there

Riding home from uni this morning, and had just passed Auckland Hospital when a car overtook me. I was just about at the entry to the Domain, when the car stopped. No indicators, but apparently wanting to turn into the Domain, and stopped in front of me… more »


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Passports quadruple in price

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?! It's bad enough that our passports now only last for five years. I'm not sure how that compares internationally, but a number of countries still have 10-year passports. Toss in this extortionate price increase for the next passpo… more »


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Who can afford public transport at these prices?

I realise that Wellington has a number of advantages over Auckland, in terms of geography and employment, but these new fares are ludicrous. I can take a train into the city, for $4 during peak time. By bus, it's about the same. In Auckland, the same jo… more »


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Common sense breaks out on airline security

And it hasn't come soon enough. Once cockpit doors were strengthened, with pilots given strict instructions to get the plane on the ground and not to, under any circumstances, open the door, this paranoia became superfluous. A case of being seen to do s… more »


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Someone give that man a beer

Well, more likely women, with a couple of men thrown in. Who'm I babbling about? The cabin crew. With no notice of impending disaster, they managed to successfully evacuate almost 300 passengers without a single death. That is an absolutely stellar perf… more »

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