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OK, yes, I am SUCH a geek

Because I can (in other words, for the hell of it), I'm playing around with IPv6. It's kinda funky. What makes me so geeky, though, is that I'm not content to just use a single IP address. Oh no, I have to go the whole hog. So, courtesy of these guys,… more »


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So, our population's too light for real broadband?

Well, based on population-density data and the OECD Broadband Rankings, I've established that we are being beaten by no fewer than three countries that have dramatically lower PD's than we do, and by another one that has the same PD as NZ. Those countri… more »


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I love the smell of righteous indignation in the morning

Looks like quite a cool piece of technology, right? I'd certainly say so. I was even tempted to sign up with them, partly for the "geek toy" factor but also because their interest rates are very competitive. Then Cam pointed out this nasty little gem: O… more »


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What on earth are Telecom's management thinking?

Are they thinking at all? Last year, I blogged this, suggesting that Telecom's board really aren't doing a very good job of acting in the best interests of their shareholders. Today, we are treated to this and this, which both add up to rather omin… more »


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Telecon: Liars, Cheaters and Thieves, Inc.

I think most people have heard by now that the Evil Empire are trying to move the goalposts. Not content with having to sign a mere 83-odd-thousand people up to broadband through wholesalers, they're claiming that it was actually only about 50,000, and t… more »

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