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Maybe there IS hope for the unwashed masses

"Eighteen per cent said they had switched the type of Web browser they use in order to avoid spyware." Oh thank goodness. That's 18% who have seen the light and moved away from Internet Exploiter. Now for the other 82%... more »


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Let's go anti-phishing

I like it. I like it a lot. I like it so much I might even try doing it. Credit card number generators can be found on the 'net, and the numbers they yield will pass any validation that's done by the phisher's website - the algorithms for checking tha… more »
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And you thought Windows was secure?

12 minutes? Dang. Whereas I'd be quite happy to put my computer directly onto the 'net, with no firewall. Why? FreeBSD, baby. Only SSH listening, and good luck to the bastards trying to guess my password. Back in the good old days (pardon me while… more »


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Europe has higher broadband up-take than the US

I dread to think where NZ is. Well, actually, sadly, I know exactly where NZ is. We're 24th! How cringe-worthy :-/ The country that once had the highest rate of 'net use in the world is now in the bottom fifth of the OECD for broadband connections.… more »


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School 'net filtering software casting too wide?

I guess it depends who you talk to. Groups like Destiny and United Future probably think it doesn't go far enough - and National and Act would probably like to see the filtering of left-wing sites as a matter of course - but if you're not a strictly con… more »

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