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Gotta love Google ad words

In this story in the Herald, the above amusing Google advert was found. --UPDATE: This was entered in the wrong blog initially, and has now be corrected-- more »


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Customer service? What?

So most people have heard about it by now. Many have even read the emails. But because they're so awful to try and read when you're going through multiple layers of forwards and signatures and email addresses, here they are in their unadulterated glory.… more »


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When the brain farts...

From today's work email: From: Academic staff member cannot receive email. From: CS Support staff member What exactly is happening? More detail, please. It made me laugh :P more »


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Lazy people fuck me off!

I work on level three of a seven-storey building - basement through five. Now, I don't think it's unreasonable to take the lift when you're going up three or four floors. Most people would agree, I suspect. So I'm not against the use of lifts, per se. B… more »


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Amusing licence plates

Most of you know that I've got a personalised plate - CMATGO. But as much as people find that one good for a giggle, there are others out there that are just outright hilarious. Well, they are if you've got a mind like mine. Unfortunately I wasn't able… more »

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