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When the brain farts...

From today's work email: From: Academic staff member cannot receive email. From: CS Support staff member What exactly is happening? More detail, please. It made me laugh :P more »


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Lazy people fuck me off!

I work on level three of a seven-storey building - basement through five. Now, I don't think it's unreasonable to take the lift when you're going up three or four floors. Most people would agree, I suspect. So I'm not against the use of lifts, per se. B… more »


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Sorry, you need to know about the industry...

Student Job Search run a programme called "Future Grads", which aims to place second-year-and-above students into industry jobs so that they can get some experience. I've got a wee bit of background in IT, so I spoke to a guy I know who works there and s… more »


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Fucking cellphones!

Had an economics test this evening. And, for the second time (happened in the last one, too), some inconsiderate miserable fuck didn't turn their phone off. On silent, sure, but that doesn't matter a bit when the vibrator motor is so loud that you can he… more »


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I've definitely got that bastard factor

In CompSci today, the lecturer put up a question about how to write code to convert °C into °F - the formula is 9/5*C+32 where C is the temperature in °C - with the input being an integer (one without decimals) and the output being a real… more »

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