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The "notice": Part Deux

Still there, two days after first observed. Obviously the notice nazi has either had a change of heart, or had their feathers clipped by someone who's not so keen on the goose-stepping. more »


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As seen on a "noticeboard" at uni

The subtext of the "notice" says If it was, it would have been removed more »


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Oh, for those who were wondering

An A- and an A, baby! Sorry, I'm trying to get over that whole being apologetic thing. more »


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Why do I feel the need to apologise?

83% for a Philosophy test, and 100% for an InfoSys test on Excel. And I'm embarassed by it. For some inexplicable reason, I'm ashamed to be getting high(ish) marks. Why can't I just be proud of what I've achieved? Maybe it's because I'm the obnoxious,… more »


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OK, so I'm a geek

Yes, a real, true-to-life geek. First, I re-wrote a bunch of lecture slides for my Information Systems lecture. Those slides will become part of the official curriculum from next semester (we've already covered the material as part of this semester). S… more »

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