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Things I never knew about my lecturers. Part One:

My PHIL105 lecturer is blind. I found this out when I went up to him after today's lecture, to tell him a joke. Up until this point I'd been completely unaware of this fact, and only know now because I've been around enough blind people to pick up on the… more »


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One day of lectures down

And I can see this being a completely frantic five weeks. 18 hours of class time each week, with readings set for between classes. Suddenly it doesn't look so fun to have all the classes and labs compressed into the mornings of Tuesday-Thursday, but it's… more »


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And so the madness begins

As D-day approaches for my return to Auckland (22 days, not that I'm counting), I'm left wondering just what I've got myself into. For example, INFOSYS110 requires a computer literacy test. No big deal, right? Well, not really, except that it tests my s… more »

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