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Censorship is dead. Long live the revolution

Since I live in a country that, thus far, doesn't honour the DMCA, I'm free to say "09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0" What's so significant about 16 pairs of hexadecimal digits? They're an encryption key for HD-DVD, and the MPAA are fra… more »


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The perils of clueless manager

Now, I could understand the Marketing Manager being a techophobe, but the Product Manager ought to have at least a quarter ounce of clue. Maybe that's just hoping for a bit too much? This trend of managers getting progressively more divorced from the… more »


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OK, yes, I am SUCH a geek

Because I can (in other words, for the hell of it), I'm playing around with IPv6. It's kinda funky. What makes me so geeky, though, is that I'm not content to just use a single IP address. Oh no, I have to go the whole hog. So, courtesy of these guys,… more »


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Some reporters need to update their movie reference lists

Could the concept be any closer to the camouflage system used by the Predator? If they're going to talk about Star Trek they could at least make reference to a movie that brought to the masses the idea of playing with light as a way of hiding. more »


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I love the smell of righteous indignation in the morning

Looks like quite a cool piece of technology, right? I'd certainly say so. I was even tempted to sign up with them, partly for the "geek toy" factor but also because their interest rates are very competitive. Then Cam pointed out this nasty little gem: O… more »

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