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Conspicuous consumption?


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Conspicuous consumption?

Went down to Foodtown Greenlane last night. Happened to glance at a locked cabinet in the wine aisle - the one where they keep the really expensive bottles. Saw a few that were in the $100 range, including one that was $130. Then I saw a sign that completely floored me:
$449. No, that's not missing a decimal point. No, it's not an exaggeration. I should really have taken a photo. A $449 bottle of red. A shiraz I think it was (I was too staggered by the price to pay much attention). An Australian red. So not even French.
And the best bit? You're meant to cellar it for 20 years. It was a 2001 vintage, so it's good for storing for another 15 years before being drunk. Is that the perfect scam or what?! If they drink it now, to see what they spent $449 on, and think it tastes terrible, well, that's the buyer's fault for drinking it too early. If they drink it in 15 years or so, and think it tastes terrible, well, so sorry too bad how sad, it's a bit late to ask for your money back. Absolutely brilliant.

We know that it's possible to produce wine cheaply - look at all the $15 bottles of perfectly adequate plonk - so there's no way that it costs anything like the price of this bottle to make it. That's a lot of profit. I think I'm in the wrong business.

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Comment from: Broady [Visitor]
BroadyFriend of mine is a doctor.

He says they've got the market cornered *and* bluffed; everyone thinks the lawyers are the shonks!

14/10/07 @ 13:17
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