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For sale: Two judicial appointments


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For sale: Two judicial appointments

Link: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/4680831.stm

With O'Connor gone, and Rehnquist hammering loudly on the reaper's door, the goal of US conservatives of a clear majority in the Supreme Court is looming ever-closer.

When Clinton was in the process of filling the seat now occupied by Clarence Thomas, he called the then-Republican leader of the Senate, Fritz Hollings (the Senator from Disney), to seek his opinion. Hollings recommended Thomas, and Thomas is now one of the most red judges on the bench. I don't rate the chances of Shrub doing the same thing in filling O'Connor's seat, and would call the odds slim-to-vanishing that anyone outside the GoP will be consulted over the next Chief Justice.

Thankfully many of the other justices are in their late 60s or early 70s, especially Antonin Scalia who is probably the most absolutely conservative of the lot. However, if there's another two-term Republican in 2008 it could well end up being an entirely red bench by the end of next decade. Thomas isn't yet 60, and could easily rack up 25 more years. The firmly-left justices are both getting on, and may well only manage another 10-15 years. All in all, it's not looking good for freedom of the individual.


Comment from: David Farrar [Visitor]
David FarrarOh dear where do I start with the factual errors. The biggest is that CLarence Thomas was nominated by Bush 41, not Clinton.

The second is that Bush has spoken by phone several times with the Senate Democratic Leader, and met with him in person to discuss the nomination. So your prediction is wrong before you even made it.

Thirdly labelling Scalia conserative is applying a one dimensional label. He is an originalist and by virtue of that has often ended up with positions some would call liberal. Such as flag burning and G Bay where he had the harshest words for the Govt in Hamdi vs Rumsefield.

Fourthly the oldest remaining judges is Stevens, seen as a liberal.
15/07/05 @ 05:10
Comment from: matt [Member] Email
mattIt appears that Time were wrong about Thomas, too, then, since they were my source for that little factoid.

I'm impressed that Bush, the king of unilateralism, has discovered the Democratic side of the house. Of course, since the GoP are desperate to avoid their nominations being dragged through months of shit-throwing it's probably not entirely unexpected that his advisors would consider it a good move.

Scalia was also the most outspoken on stopping the counting of votes in '00, making various statements that amounted to it being the Court's duty to pick the President not to ensure that the country's wishes were carried out. He was definitely one of the supporters on that position.
15/07/05 @ 08:50
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