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Fucking cellphones!


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Fucking cellphones!

Had an economics test this evening. And, for the second time (happened in the last one, too), some inconsiderate miserable fuck didn't turn their phone off. On silent, sure, but that doesn't matter a bit when the vibrator motor is so loud that you can hear it on the other side of the lecture theatre. It's a real shame the invigilators didn't track down the culprit and turf them out :|

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Comment from: Billy Blaze [Visitor]
Billy BlazeI know this is a very late response, but as a part time adult student at my local uni this sort of behavior just boggles the mind.

I was in the middle of a statistics test last year and somebody had her phone set on the "full bore obnoxious" tone and I wanted to immediately throw things at her. The prof then slides her a note. I'm thinking "yeah, let her have it".. and little did I realize, he wanted to.. just not in the way I thought. He propositioned her in the middle of class! Her boyfriend was sitting nearby and I don't think he thought too much of that.
05/07/06 @ 17:45
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