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I've definitely got that bastard factor


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I've definitely got that bastard factor

In CompSci today, the lecturer put up a question about how to write code to convert °C into °F - the formula is 9/5*C+32 where C is the temperature in °C - with the input being an integer (one without decimals) and the output being a real number (one with decimals)
Having written the code, she asked for a temperature to convert. I suggested -40°C, which was promptly entered. Then she ran it. I will leave the look on her face to your imagination, dear reader. Hint: fire up a calculator and you will see why she was worried that she'd done something wrong, as well as achieving a laugh from the class.

Yes, I'm definitely a bastard :-)


Comment from: moomoo girl [Visitor]
moomoo girlthere is always one...
17/03/06 @ 20:55
Comment from: Cameron [Visitor]
CameronI don't even need to fire up a calculator to know that you're a bastard :P
19/03/06 @ 21:47
Comment from: EJ [Visitor]
EJLol, I agree with Cam :P
21/03/06 @ 10:57
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