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Lazy people fuck me off!


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Lazy people fuck me off!

I work on level three of a seven-storey building - basement through five. Now, I don't think it's unreasonable to take the lift when you're going up three or four floors. Most people would agree, I suspect. So I'm not against the use of lifts, per se.
But I get REALLY fucked off when I watch the lifts go: G, B, G, 1, G, 1, G, B. No, that's not an exaggeration, I've actually seen it happen. Why didn't I take the stairs? I, personally, don't much fancy carrying a 30kg server down four flights of stairs.
No wonder we're turning into a nation of lard-arses, when people won't even take the stairs down ONE FUCKING FLOOR! :|

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Comment from: Dee [Visitor]
DeeYeah and apparently it's all because of hot cross buns that we're becoming a nation of flabby asses!!!
21/03/07 @ 07:53
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