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My new career: I'm a terrorist


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My new career: I'm a terrorist

Link: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2004/05/28/terror_technology/

Well, I must be. I mean, if the alphabet-soup of US national security want to look at 30 degrees of relationships I must be connected to Osama.
I must be a fraudster, too, since via Jordan I can't be more than three degrees from Donna.

What totally stupid idea. If it's generally accepted that everyone lives within six degrees of each other, there's no way that a system studying for 30 degrees of relationship cannot link any person to any other person. Hell, I'm likely within 30 degrees of Marx and Stalin; probably even William Wallace or Edward the Confessor.

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Comment from: plank [Visitor]
plankI'm probably 30 degrees from Jesus himself. Does that make me the messiah?
02/09/05 @ 16:57
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