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Oh the joys of "the system"


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Oh the joys of "the system"

Link: http://list.waikato.ac.nz/pipermail/nznog/2005-May/010084.html

In this brief thread on NZNOG, we discover that Sahil Gupta's cohort, name withheld - we'll call him X - due to legal concerns, is facing other charges. Several other charges. It seems that X managed to register a company of the same name as one that had recently been struck from the Companies Office register, and get some radio frequencies from that erstwhile company transferred to himself. He was then planning to sell them, for a pittance (around $8000). Of course, being 16, he's not legally allowed to be a company director. He's also not allowed to get another organisation's assets transferred to himself, and is lucky that fraud and use of a document aren't on that list.

Now, my gripe is that the system protects this little scroat. His name is supressed, as are any details that may identify him. That he's 16 and male doesn't narrow it down much. Of course, anyone who subscribes to NZNOG knows who he is, by name and reputation if not by personal acquaintance.
The point of supressing details of Youth Court hearings is so that the young dears don't have to go through their adult lives with the stigma of a youthful indiscretion hanging over them. But X has a long history of wrong-doing. He's a leopard whose spots are probably permanent, and were obvious to many at least a couple of years ago. All that keeping his name from the papers does is allow him to bullshit prospective future employers, the exact people who are most likely to need to know about his past.
Giving people a second chance is all well and good, but he's very obviously a devious little shit who has no qualms about lying, swindling and stealing. He blew his second chance when he started this little scam. He's already been implicated in the theft of bandwidth from an ISP (who were negligent, but that doesn't excuse his actions), and now this. No, he doesn't deserve a second chance and he certainly doesn't deserve to have the world kept in the dark about his activities.

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Comment from: "Reuben" [Visitor]
"Reuben"Actually, I was never part of the bandwidht theft. The alleged theft happened several months before I started working there. Get your facts right, Idiot.

And by the way, in the Companies Act, "any person who is not meant to be a director is still a director for the purposes of this and other acts".

As I said, Idiot.
17/07/05 @ 10:17
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