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OK, so I'm a geek


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OK, so I'm a geek

Yes, a real, true-to-life geek.
First, I re-wrote a bunch of lecture slides for my Information Systems lecture. Those slides will become part of the official curriculum from next semester (we've already covered the material as part of this semester).
Second, I'm doing a brief presentation on my home LAN. I hadn't realised quite how serious the situation was until I sat down and analysed just what my main server does. Oh dear, it's rather terrible.


Comment from: moomoo girl [Visitor]
moomoo girlAnd you only notived this now?? ;)
31/01/06 @ 12:11
Comment from: moomoo girl [Visitor]
moomoo girlnoticed even...
31/01/06 @ 12:12
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