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Stop the world, I want to get off


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Stop the world, I want to get off

Now, we've all got small-world stories, where we met someone who knows someone that we haven't seen for years. It's rife, and NZ seems to be a particularly great place for such things. Bump into a fellow Kiwi on the streets of any city in the world and you'll almost certainly be able to find someone who you know in common, particularly if you've both worked in the same industry in NZ.
My world is getting just a little too small comfort, though. Was at a friend's (Rachelle) birthday party last night, at the Corner Bar in town. Happened to look out the window, and spotted a guy (Rob) who I worked with a decade ago, standing chatting to some of the other guests. Bowled on out to say hello, and discovered that he actually owns Corner Bar, and has known Rachelle for years. That's not that small, I know, but the world does get smaller still. One of Rachelle's best friends used to be friends with someone who Rob and I knew when we worked together, independently of this circle of friends.

So stop the world, I want OUT!

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