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The perils of clueless manager


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The perils of clueless manager

Link: http://thedailywtf.com/forums/thread/79265.aspx

Now, I could understand the Marketing Manager being a techophobe, but the Product Manager ought to have at least a quarter ounce of clue. Maybe that's just hoping for a bit too much?

This trend of managers getting progressively more divorced from the competencies of those they manage is somewhat concerning. Gone are the days when the manager began on the shop floor and earned their way into a suit, along the way gathering technical understanding of the operations they were to oversee.
Now, a manager is lucky to be able to do the job of the lowest-ranking person in their team, a situation I've been in that was not at all pleasant (waves to Spax, again). When a manager cannot grasp the mechanics of a subordinate's role, it can lead them to feel threatened. It can also lead to stupid decisions made through ignorance, as witnessed in this fine example of managerial stupidity at its finest.

As an aside, are you sick of stupid people? Try offering them a Cluepon. If they still don't understand, tell them to justfuckinggoogleit.

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