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Why do I feel the need to apologise?


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Why do I feel the need to apologise?

83% for a Philosophy test, and 100% for an InfoSys test on Excel. And I'm embarassed by it. For some inexplicable reason, I'm ashamed to be getting high(ish) marks. Why can't I just be proud of what I've achieved?

Maybe it's because I'm the obnoxious, noisy guy in the class? The one who's answering the questions when nobody else wants to speak, and who's not yet managed to make it through an IS lecture without contributing something to expand upon the material being covered by the lecturer.
Or maybe it's a hang over from high school, when being a stand-out intellect was a source of ridicule, so self-depreciation was a protective mechanism?
Either way, it's not really in keeping with my cocky, arrogant reputation. It has to stop. I shall try harder :P

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Comment from: moomoo girl [Visitor]
moomoo girl"He who asks the question is stupid for 5 minutes. He who does not ask the question is stupid for a lifetime…. “
02/02/06 @ 09:33
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