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I am SO ready to be a manager

A lady came to the door of the office this afternoon, so I let her in. The conversation went as follows:
Me: Who were you looking for?
Her: Well, the person who runs your social club, really
Me: spies unsuspecting accounts clerk Sue! You're nominated to run the social club today

See, I've got delegation down pat. I'll be awesome. Role on that C-level job with a fat salary, baby, I'm ready to go &amp;#58;&amp;#68;


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AirNZ and Qantas declare all men paedophiles


I'm not sure how else to interpet such a policy, quite honestly.
Its short reading is that men are such a danger to children that they cannot be allowed in their presence, even in the confined spaces of an aircraft cabin with no possible escape route.
How very nice of Cindy Kiro to say that she doesn't think it was intended as a slur. It's not her half of society that's being defamed.

My views on Keith Locke are familiar to my regular victims, but I'm glad that he's taking this up with the Human Rights Commission. These policies are blatantly discriminatory, and entirely unable to be justified by any thinking person.

Paul Swain, my MP, will be a few streets away on Friday in his mobile electorate office. His presence coincides with my lunch-break, fortuitiously, and so I shall be going to have a wee chat. I'm sick of being made to feel evil simply by dint of my gender. I didn't choose this body! Not that I don't like my body. I think it's just right. But being shat upon because of things that I can't (easily) change is not pleasant.
The day of men is coming, and the world had better look the fuck out!


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And so the madness begins

As D-day approaches for my return to Auckland (22 days, not that I'm counting), I'm left wondering just what I've got myself into.
For example, INFOSYS110 requires a computer literacy test. No big deal, right? Well, not really, except that it tests my skills with Access. This could be interesting. I haven't played with Access for a few years now, and am a bit rusty to say the least. I'm also curious as to how I'm meant to take this self-assessed bit when according to the student-side class management application I'm not enrolled in anything. At least I'm showing up with all the right classes at the right times in the enrollment system, I guess.

Then there's the English-language screening. Should be a breeze, but I'm puzzled as to why an Information Systems paper requires it when a Philosophy paper doesn't. IS isn't that complex. I'm not expecting polysyllabic words to be the norm or anything, unless my understanding of IS is rather different from UoA's understanding.

Wee, bring it on.

PS: Anyone looking for a flatmate around Epsom/Newmarket/Remuera? I'm house-trained and everything.

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Some automotive designers need a good kicking

I did an oil change on a friend's car yesterday, and ended up getting rather more oil on myself than anticipated.
The problem? The oil filter in Holden Barinas is mounted horizontally, perpendicular to the block, between the block and the radiator. My hands aren't exactly large, but I had difficulty getting them into the available space to unscrew the damn thing. After punching a chisel through the side, twice, to use as a lever to break the seal. Where do these people learn their craft?

It's roughly on par with my Nissan Primera, which has the oil filter mounted almost into the side of the block. It's impossible to wrap your hand around it, so instead one must again use the chisel technique. There is a special socket available from Nissan, but my experience of it is that it doesn't work terribly well.

I was also surprised to find a European-made car that needed an imperial-measure socket to get the sump plug out. Very strange.


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Could Sony be any more fucked?

So far we have them facing a lawsuit from the state of Texas, potentially with damages of $100k per violation - that is, $100k for each and every CD that Texas can prove was sold in the state.
Then we have the EFF suing them for all kinds of heinous acts, and demanding that the court, amongst other things, make Sony compensate their customers for the damage and inconvenience.
Italy is investigating Sony for possible violations of their criminal statues regarding computer trespass and illegal spyware.
A class is forming in California to sue, and purportedly another is forming in New York, Sony's home state.

It's shaping up to be an expensive exercise for Sony, particularly if the EFF succeed in having an older, more widely-distributed form of copy-protection deemed to be similarly illegal. That could trigger a massive recall of 20 million CDs from countries across the northern hemisphere. Europe, at that point, would likely get involved. They're not afraid to slap large multi-nationals around a bit, as Microsoft have learned to their sorrow, so one expects that Sony could be in for a good beating. Bring it on.

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