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Jury duty

So I've been summonsed for jury duty at the Wellington High Court, for the 21st to the 23rd of September. Strange period of time, a Wednesday-to-Friday summons, but who said the 'crats had to make sense?
This is my third summons, and I've only been eligible for six years. Talk about being a marked man. It will also be my third time attending, since my awesome employer is quite happy for me to go. Yay for civic-minded employers.

Now for the freaky bit. Our MD also got a jury summons. For the same week.
I know precisely two people who've actually done jury duty (excluding those who I served on juries with), other than me. I know a tiny handful of people who've ever been summonsed. And now two people from a company of 15 employees get summonsed for the same week. That's some seriously tiny odds, given that there're over 300,000 people in the Wellington Region and at least half of them have to be eligible for jury duty at any particular time.


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Keith Locke's hair is too short, and he doesn't wear kaftans (at least not in public)


Other than that, the man is a total hippy and a complete waste of space.
Smart bombs are better than the alternative, which is either carpet bombing (and the Yanks would do it if they didn't have an option) or a massive, bloody invasion using tanks, artillery and massed troops. Faced with those choices, smart bombs are by far the best of a bad lot.

I realise the he would like to have the NZ military institution shut down completely, and our police force disarmed except for their short truncheons, but some of the things that come out of his mouth are just so utterly ridiculous that you can't help but wonder if he's been sneaking a toke with Nandor behind a hoarding.

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Throw the book (should that be block?) at him!


At 14, you're old enough to know better. Manslaughter carries a maximum sentence of life, and in a case like this I think it should be used - assuming the murder charge fails, of course.

His mates should similarly have the book thrown, though I don't know what's open to the courts in their case. Possibly a manslaughter charge, as accomplices, but they could also be tried for endangering transport and then sentenced through the adult court system.

Cases like this, where the consequences could only be worse if more people died, need to be treated as very public examples of what the system will do to people who engage in such stupid behaviour. Preferably with some more high-profile convictions and stiff sentences for others who display such a blatant lack of anything resembling sense.


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New, improved, and consuming more power than small African nation


1.4kW?! What the fuck? Running at full-tilt, this thing consumes more power than my flat did when we had four people in the house most weekends!
Utterly fucking ridiculous


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Where does one find their empathy switch?

Got a ticking off from the boss today, over an e-mail I sent a customer. I should've put myself in the customer's shoes, he said, and the e-mail was harsh and arrogant. I should write e-mails as I would expect to receive them.
First up, I am arrogant. Everyone who knows me knows that I'm arrogant. It's not news.
Second, I wrote an e-mail that I would've expected to receive. If I took someone's server down four times because I relied upon a crap service that caused floods of thousands of e-mail messages, I would be eternally grateful for the forebearance of a company that unblocked that service the fourth time but told me that it would never do so again.

Maybe I just have low expectations from customer service staff, but molly-coddling fucks me off. I want it straight, without being prettied-up. If it's brutal, so be it, odds are I've earned it. Why is being straightforward considered to be such a bad thing? I wasn't impolite (I even said please!), I was just forthright. Has society actually achieved such a high level of sensitivity that calling a spade anything other than a squared-off earth-moving implement is a mortal insult?

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