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Today's utterly-random-and-totally-fucking-bizarre moment

TO: info@a-web-hosting-company

Can you please tell me where I can access information in regards to telephone guidelines for Medical Receptionists and the types of questions a medical receptionist can ask a patient when they ring in for an appointment?
Thanks you.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!?!?! Sorry, I didn't realise that we were a Google replacement &amp;#58;&amp;#114;&amp;#111;&amp;#108;&amp;#108;&amp;#58;

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Act just want to shut down the Police


Now, the right to self-defence is important, and the current situation in NZ is well to the left of ridiculous on a scale of insane-to-supremely logical.
However, one can't help feeling that Act really want to do this so that they don't have to increase the number of plods on the beat - after all, that costs money.


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Summary execution new standard for British "justice"? Shrub would be proud


That reads awfully like murder to me. Something we'd read about from a third-world country with a facist dictatorship and no rule-of-law.
If the officers involved aren't charged with murder, it will confirm every suspicion about where the UK is headed in the wake of the Tube bombings - that is, as far away from recognised standards of human rights as is possible without actually tearing up Magna Carta and using the pieces for toilet paper at Downing St.

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Remind me why I think Yanks are paranoid nutjobs?


At the same time as a number of British citizens are starting to voice their unease at the more visible increase in armed police officers on their streets, the Yanks are seeking to take police powers still further in their bid to keep track of every person in the country at all times - without actually keeping track of everyone through a law change, of course.


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Now that's what I'm talkin'bout!


With capacity like that, one has to wonder why it's so fucking expensive to get domestic service in this country. It's cheaper to get the equivalent size connection to the US than between Auckland and Wellington!

Maths never was my strong-point, but I think that works out to between 3.8 and 15.3Tb/s per cable. That's a whole metric shitload of capacity.
Economics says that prices usually decrease when you have excess available product, but I'm doubtful that that principle will play into this situtation. It's well-established that TCL's beanies are an excessively greedy bunch.

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