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Make that 7,143 people

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Is this true, Jeanette?


Probably is. And if it is, I sincerely hope that your day will come in five weeks' time.

NZ is, quite rightly, recognised internationally for our very low levels of political corruption. Such actions by the members of the House do nothing for that reputation, indeed they damage it greatly.
Such a share-holding should disqualify Fitzsimons from any say on any energy matter, beyond her vote on legislation before the House. Certainly she should not be sitting in judgement on energy matters as the chair of a committee that has the power to make or break electricty generation projects. That is the kind of behaviour we expect from the US legislature, and even they have the good sense to avoid such blatant conflicts of interest.

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The end of an era


Farewell, elder statesman.
It's rare for a politician to be respected from all sides, but David Lange achieved that end - after leaving politics, of course.
Another leaf turns in the three-ring binder that is NZ history, and we are the poorer for it. Men like David are a rare commodity at the best of times.

A number of international media organisations have obituaries, linked here, remembering him. Reuters, BBC, Canadian Broadcasting Company, LA Times... It's quite an impressive turnout. I wonder how many will write about Jim and Jenny when they pass on.


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Did they want my soul, too?


And my reply.
What a fucking joke. I realise that the Government must be careful *snort* with how they spend public money, but an HP-UX engineer with experience administering Internet-facing systems would be more likely to get twice that salary.

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Yanks guzzling oil? Surely not


Why's this news? We all know that the US - aided and abetted by her citizens' predeliction for driving large, fuel-inefficient monsters - has a serious oil habit. It's been over two decades since they were able to rely solely on their own oil production, and now the rest of the world gets to share in the grief caused by their consumption as we, too, get socked with rising oil prices.

If US residents were paying the same prices for petrol as the Brits (currently £1/litre), SUVs and pickups would become about as popular as radical Islamists.

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