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I love cryptographers


Or are they cryptologists? Either way, they rock.
My hat goes off to those responsible for finding the collision weakness in MD5, and thus rendering it insecure. Hail, conquering heroes.

The next question is, are NZ's speed cameras similarly vulnerable? I'd assume so, since they were introduced here in 1993; the same year that SHA1 - flawed in its first implementation, so revised in 1994 - was conceived. Odds are that our cameras use MD5, or possibly something even older and less secure.

Whoever the person was who came up with this particular defence, they're brilliant or their lawyer is. Bravo.


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Did someone mention something about a petard?


Oh, classic. I love shit like that.
Warner Brothers, one of the key members of the MPAA, bitten on the arse by the very IP laws that they love so dearly. Bravo, oh unamed production company. Bravo - to the tune of USD17.5m, thrice bravo!


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Westfield only cares about the bling


What a total shock. Their terms for retail outlets are onerous, to say the least - percentages of gross revenue, plus per-square-metre floor rents. Fine, it's their business, but signing up voters is also a community service regardless of whether or not the Electoral Commission pays the workers. Last time I checked, list and electorate MPs get paid too, and campaigning is part of their job.

I guess that it doesn't help that the voters who are likely to sign up are the lower classes, the ones who will be more likely to vote for Labour and other parties who make companies like Westfield uncomfortable.

Still, at least they're consistent. Greedy bastards all round.

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Saudi does what it should, Shrub applauds


Well, what does one expect? Of course Shrub will kiss their feet, he's terrified at the thought of the House of Saud turning off US oil. I think he'd probably parade naked down Pennsylvania Avenue if he thought it would win him brownie points.

The US should be roundly, and loudly, condemning the human rights record of Saudi Arabia. Fine, it would be a hollow condemnation from a country that cannot even follow its own Constitutional rules on treatment of prisoners, but it would be a condemnation to which the Saudi monarchy would take heed. The UN is a toothless monster, but the US is an entity to which far, far too many people listen - sometimes that listening can be used for something good.

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Unitec denied


It's very hard to tell if this was a justified decision by Trevor Mallard, or merely affirmation of a pre-determined position. Certainly it's hard to believe that Unitec could be so sure of their impending change in status at the same time as they were very obviously inadequate in more than one regard.

It will be interesting to follow the judicial review, particularly since Unitec will not be taking the matter lying down.

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