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A McCafe moment

Those of you who watch TV may remember the ad for McCafe, where a woman who's never been to one before empties her tray into the rubbish bin. China and silverware included.

A construct of some genius mind at Saatchi and Saatchi, you're thinking? Maybe not. A friend, who shall remain nameless, proceeded to dump his nice Long John Silver china plate into a rubbish bin at St Lukes yesterday. Obviously he's been watching a little too much TV &amp;#58;&amp;#112;


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Who needs commonsense when you've got the law?


This has to be the funniest thing I've read in months. Obviously there's something of a flaw in that electoral legislation that it takes a coin toss to decide who wins when one of the candidates is dead!


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Sorry, you need to know about the industry...

Student Job Search run a programme called "Future Grads", which aims to place second-year-and-above students into industry jobs so that they can get some experience. I've got a wee bit of background in IT, so I spoke to a guy I know who works there and sent my resume in to see if they'd consider waiving the second-year requirement in my case. The response was:

Hi Matthew

Sorry but we are a programme for 2nd years and above, we just require you to
have had at least a years experience of the course so that we can ensure
that you have at least a basic over all knowledge of the industry your
getting into. Feel free to contact me later next year and I'll be happy to
discuss your application.

"basic over all knowledge", eh? hmm. I guess that having worked for a top-10 consultancy firm, an ISP and a web-hosting company is a bit too narrow in its perspective.

Oh well, maybe next year.


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Those darn missing houses

A most amusing story was recounted to me over lunch. A friend of a friend (we'll call him "B"), had to get his boss to deliver a package. So B wrote the address, 30 Some Street, Some Suburb, on the package, and his boss collected it.
A little later, his boss rang: "The numbering on this street is all screwed up. It goes 29, 31. There's no 30." Needless to say, B's answer was along the lines of, "Have you tried turning around?"
And it gets better. On returning to the office, the (very embarrassed) boss told B, "Before I called you, I knocked on the door of number 31, to ask where number 30 was. It was a little old lady. And she said she didn't know."

Some muvvers do 'ave 'm.


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So, you've had suspicions about the quality of Internet Explorer?

You're not alone. A friend who works for a certain large national research body sent me the following e-mail:

Found this on an internal website - it's from the xxx service that xxx is developing, will go commercial soon

"Internet Explorer
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 and 6, being the steaming load of junk that it is, can't render this site properly. Use a modern browser like Mozilla Firefox. For example, the side menus should be fixed (i.e. not scroll with the page)."

It's nice to see such candor from the public sector. On ya, large national research body &amp;#58;&amp;#41;

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