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This has to be the ultimate geek toy!


Beer and toys all in one. How much better can it get?!


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Oh, that Winston, he'll be the death of me

In a recent appearance before Grey Power in Kaitai, Winnie did utter

All immigrants should be required to speak English and express willingness to adopt the "fundamental New Zealand values of freedom of speech, freedom of association and freedom of religion".

Now, I dunno, maybe I'm just being cynical, but isn't Messr Peters being just a little hypocritical here? I mean, isn't Muslim-bashing, a passtime with which he seems quite well acquainted, discrimination on the basis of religion? And isn't accusing Muslims of harbouring terrorists something of a breach of their freedom of association? Next he'll be requiring them to burn every copy of the Koran and stop writing in Arabic.

It's good to see that he's down 7% in the polls. Hopefully he'll drop another 7% before the election, and we'll be saved from the tyranny of having Winston First in Parliament yet again.


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I knew that gridiron was bollocks


See, it's true. In addition to making the players wear girly armour and prance around in tights - when they're actually on the field, which is almost never - it causes aggression (I blame the tights, and the prancing) which they then vent in inappropriate ways.
Of course, jocks aren't always the brightest crayons, so it's not entirely unexpected that they will vent their tight-wearing inadequacies through physical expressions of violence against weaker members of society.

It's a shame that playing video games is so bad for one's physical condition, otherwise I think that banning gridiron might just fix a few things - hell, ban it anyway. They can play real sports, like ice hockey or lacrosse!

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Those hippies, they're all terrorists in disguise


Freedom of Speech? Freedom of Association? Yeah RIGHT!
I could understand the Fibbies opening a C/T file on a group such as Earth First, who are somewhat extreme in their views, but Greenpeace? - I've never heard of them doing anything worse than being obstructive.
First Amendment, anyone? No, didn't think so. Gotta save us from the terrorists, dagnabbit.


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Don't they mean "step up paranoia"?


Every time I read about this kind of thing, I can't help but think of Benjamin Franklin:

Those who would sacrifice Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

Fine, security cameras aren't compulsory ID papers or the Government reading your letters, but they're still an imposition on society. However, when that society is wimpering pitifully to be "protected" from the big, bad terrorists they deserve everything they get. Roll on the USA PATRIOT Act, Patriot II, the UK's latest anti-terror measures, and all the great things they bring - self-authorised searches of financial and library records; no-warrant phone taps; three-month-long detentions without charge, which of course means no habeus corpus either; compulsion to release encryption keys to the Police on demand, without even the safeguard of a Judicial search warrant; etc, etc, ad nauseum.

One can't help feeling that the terrorists have won, by every measure of the definitions of terrorism. They have wrought social and political change within their targets, and they have sewn sufficient panic that the electorate are crying out to be subjugated to the will of their political masters. Next stop? The police state. Germany under Hitler began by giving the population a source of fear (the Jews), and then passing legislation to "protect" the general populace from the Semitic menace. We all know where that ended up.

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