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Does Northland have NIMBYs?


We all know that they're alive and well south of the Bombays, but do Northlanders have the same attitude?
Coal is NZ's only truly abundant fossil fuel - hundreds of years of consumption are buried under the West Coast - and if there were a way to deal with the CO2 it would be a perfect solution to our long-term energy generation. New multi-chamber fireboxes manage to burn off the vast majority of the solid fuel, leaving only the gaseous by-products. It'd give us security of generation and reduce our reliance on petroleum products. We could even look seriously at electric cars, safe in the knowledge that we have energy available to power our consumption for so many generations that finding an alternative power source could be done carefully and thoroughly.

If the hippies dedicated as much effort to finding a solution to the CO2 problem as they do to obstructing every effort at creating new power stations, the use of coal would be a total no-brainer.


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Tabbed browsing. It's the new black


Ah, what a brilliant summation of how MS likely view the ground-breaking inclusion of tabbed browsing in the forthcoming IE7.
Who says that innovation in the browser market is dead? It's not dead, it's just not Redmond.

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We're going to have an election


So now we know. Eight weeks away. Four weeks of campaigning for the major parties - that's one bonus, I guess, though with Winnie starting on Sunday we'll still be subjected to nearly two whole months of xenophobic ranting.

The big question now is, when will Don release National's economic policies. He's been hedging like there's no tomorrow, claiming he'll release them when Helen announces a date, so now that she's announced he has to release them in short order or look like a total wally. Not that he doesn't already, but the effect will be magnified.

I wonder if anyone will manage to pin Don down on the matter of sending troops to Iraq. He's useless at dodging questions subtley.


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It's a shame you can't get preventative detention for DUI


That's just ridiculous. The man is a total menace, and should be locked up. Force him to dry out, and keep giving him the maximum sentence every time he's caught.
The law is apparently unable to deal with this kind of recidivist offender, so something has to be done.


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Ah, the age-old story

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