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OK, my flatmate is a FREAK!

Now, I'm not exactly the world's greatest chef, but I do know my way around your common kitchen utensils - knives, chopping boards, etc.

My new flatmate, despite having spent quite a lot of time watching food being prepared by the rest of us, still doesn't quite get the chopping board idea. She wanted to boil some carrot, which is fine. She knew to ask for a peeler, which was impressive enough (her English isn't that flash). She knew how to put the water on to boil. But her way of getting sliced carrot into the pot had the onlookers recoiling in horror.

How'd she do it? She held the peeled carrot over the pot and hacked at the carrot until pieces fell in. Of course, boiling water splashed all over the place, leading her to drop the last piece, over half of the carrot, straight in.

Given that Chinese women are meant to look after their men-folk, I'm rather disturbed at the thought of her playing housewife.


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The perils of clueless manager


Now, I could understand the Marketing Manager being a techophobe, but the Product Manager ought to have at least a quarter ounce of clue. Maybe that's just hoping for a bit too much?

This trend of managers getting progressively more divorced from the competencies of those they manage is somewhat concerning. Gone are the days when the manager began on the shop floor and earned their way into a suit, along the way gathering technical understanding of the operations they were to oversee.
Now, a manager is lucky to be able to do the job of the lowest-ranking person in their team, a situation I've been in that was not at all pleasant (waves to Spax, again). When a manager cannot grasp the mechanics of a subordinate's role, it can lead them to feel threatened. It can also lead to stupid decisions made through ignorance, as witnessed in this fine example of managerial stupidity at its finest.

As an aside, are you sick of stupid people? Try offering them a Cluepon. If they still don't understand, tell them to justfuckinggoogleit.


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No wonder people complain about Auckland's trains


Amongst the coverage of yesterday's power chaos, I found this wee gem:
"Trains stopped stranding hundreds of commuters when the automatic signalling system had to be switched over to manual."

Now, I realise that correct grammar is passe in this day and age, but a comma makes such a difference to the interpretation of that sentence. Whatever happened to the Fourth Estate having a solid grasp of the intricacies of the English language?


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OK, yes, I am SUCH a geek

Because I can (in other words, for the hell of it), I'm playing around with IPv6. It's kinda funky.

What makes me so geeky, though, is that I'm not content to just use a single IP address. Oh no, I have to go the whole hog. So, courtesy of these guys, I'm playing around with a whole /48. How big is a /48? It's 2^80, or 1,208,925,819,614,629,174,706,176 addresses. I'm sure I can use them all up. One for Possum, one for the toaster, one for every one of my socks...


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Some reporters need to update their movie reference lists


Could the concept be any closer to the camouflage system used by the Predator? If they're going to talk about Star Trek they could at least make reference to a movie that brought to the masses the idea of playing with light as a way of hiding.

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