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Fucking cellphones!

Had an economics test this evening. And, for the second time (happened in the last one, too), some inconsiderate miserable fuck didn't turn their phone off. On silent, sure, but that doesn't matter a bit when the vibrator motor is so loud that you can hear it on the other side of the lecture theatre. It's a real shame the invigilators didn't track down the culprit and turf them out &amp;#58;&amp;#124;


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LLU, part two

My euphoria isn't shared. Obviously Telecom isn't impressed. What's also not terribly surprising, though more through their hide-bound *groan* ideology, is Act's response.

I'm very thankful that Rodders is one of a whole two Act MP's, since it means they haven't a shit show in hell of derailing legislation. I'm unsure how National will respond, but the Greens and Maori Party will definitely support the coalition, as will, probably, NZ First.

A quick dig through the National Party website found this So, National appear to be committed to supporting this move, or facing the wrath of most of the electorate for yet another flip-flop. The distinction of partial unbundling against this proposal will be lost on most of the hoi poloi, and Labour could easily do a masterful job of muddying the details.

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LLU comes to New Zealand


It's taken long enough, but it's happening. First predicted last Friday, we now know the truth. Not just unbundling, but also accounting separation of Telecom's various operating divisions. That is, really, the biggest progress. One of the main impediments to competition is the extremely comfortable relationship between the retail and wholesale arms, so making each division contribute to the bottom line in its own right is a very good thing.

Though it would hurt financially, I really wish that I owned some Telecom shares right now. Some of you may remember this post a few months ago. My desire to own shares comes from the power it would give me. Namely, I'd have the power to sue the Board. Hopefully someone who DOES own shares has already thought of this and will follow through, but I'd be surprised if that's the case. People don't usually buy shares just for the contingency of being in a position to initiate a lawsuit.

The evolving situation will certainly be one the country watches with interest.


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And in other news...


This picture amused me. Dunno if it's Photoshopped or just a place with an amusing name. The writing looks real, since it's got that cellular appearance found in road-side informational signs.


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We all know that folks in the military have slightly twisted senses of humour


This one, however, is truly classic. It's the blast door from the control centre of a former missile launch silo in the US.

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