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Why should you avoid the ferris wheel at the Easter Show?


Those poor people were up there for over half an hour! Good thing it was a nice day, so they could just sit there and admire the view.


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What to do when your neighbours are inconsiderate fucks?

Those familiar with my current accommodation are probably thinking the "neighbours" are the people in unit 2. Those who are, are mistaken. The problem is actually the people at number 74.

They had a party last night, which involved a lot of people standing out in their front garden. Talking. Loudly. So loudly that I could actually make out conversations, not to mention the regular loud laughter. 2245 I decided that enough was enough, and went over to ask for the noise to be kept down. "I can't hear you" replied one blonde bitch, and that set the tone for the rest of them. Needless to say, they got somewhat noisier as I left.

Two calls to noise control elicited no improvement, and actually made things worse since noise control obviously decided that the volume wasn't excessive. How it can't be excessive when I can hear people talking when I'm inside my house is a whole different matter.

The comments made (and continued, which I could hear until the fuckers finally closed it down about 2!) leave little doubt as to their sympathy for those of us who aren't unemployed and who do have to be up in the morning for whatever reason. I'm kinda out of options (legal ones, anyway), other than contacting their landlord to complain. Or I could get one of those "gun" nozzles for the hose, and just happen to have really bad aim next time I'm watering the garden in the middle of the night while they're having a party.

Ohhhhhhhh inconsiderate fucks like that make me mad. It's not like we ever reciprocate, either.


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I've definitely got that bastard factor

In CompSci today, the lecturer put up a question about how to write code to convert °C into °F - the formula is 9/5*C+32 where C is the temperature in °C - with the input being an integer (one without decimals) and the output being a real number (one with decimals)
Having written the code, she asked for a temperature to convert. I suggested -40°C, which was promptly entered. Then she ran it. I will leave the look on her face to your imagination, dear reader. Hint: fire up a calculator and you will see why she was worried that she'd done something wrong, as well as achieving a laugh from the class.

Yes, I'm definitely a bastard :-)


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So, our population's too light for real broadband?

Well, based on population-density data and the OECD Broadband Rankings, I've established that we are being beaten by no fewer than three countries that have dramatically lower PD's than we do, and by another one that has the same PD as NZ. Those countries? Finland, ranking in at number seven on the OECD list, has a PD of 15, which is the same as ours. Canada, number six, has a PD of three, or one-fifth that of NZ. Australia, oh agony, is 17 and two. However, the ultimate shame is Iceland, which with a population density equal to Australia's two - or less than one-seventh of NZ's - is ranked number four on the OECD chart.

Canada in particular, as the second-largest nation on earth, is the real shocker. Their infrastructure extends to nearly every town, village and hamlet in the country, even ones that have a population of a whole 20,000 and spend six months a year in the dark because they're so far north. We have nothing on places like that, yet our low (and it is, relatively speaking) population density is held up as an unbreakable barrier. Obviously that's bullshit, when countries of similar geography (Iceland) but much, much lower levels of population can manage it.


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The "notice": Part Deux

Still there, two days after first observed. Obviously the notice nazi has either had a change of heart, or had their feathers clipped by someone who's not so keen on the goose-stepping.

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