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The petrol companies are so transparent


On Sunday, when news of Iran's rumblings first reached me, I predicted that we'd be seeing petrol prices rising shortly. The threat to cut oil production is a sure harbinger of rising global prices.
Little did I realise that the greedy fuckers would put their prices up by 6c/L. I'm very glad that I filled up last night, because it's an extra $3 to fill the tank with that kind of an increase. Not much in isolation, but over a year it's several additional tankfuls.
Cam has been tracking the prices of oil and petrol, and it's interesting to watch the relationship between oil prices and pump prices. This price jump takes the difference up to nearly double what it was before, once taxes are removed from the pump price. 15c/L isn't a bad gross margin, really. No wonder they're making healthy profits. Fuckers &amp;#58;&amp;#124;


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OK, so I'm a geek

Yes, a real, true-to-life geek.
First, I re-wrote a bunch of lecture slides for my Information Systems lecture. Those slides will become part of the official curriculum from next semester (we've already covered the material as part of this semester).
Second, I'm doing a brief presentation on my home LAN. I hadn't realised quite how serious the situation was until I sat down and analysed just what my main server does. Oh dear, it's rather terrible.


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Where DO they find these 'tards?


Driving at a fire appliance? Surely the man needs to be committed to a psychiatric institution?

One hopes that the fire fighters took this obnoxious prat's registration details down, and handed them on to the appropriate authorities.
Obstructing fire fighters and careless driving are both against the law, and should earn a hefty fine. The Judiciary are quite protective of emergency services workers, all the more so when those workers are simply going about their work and not intruding into anyone's business.

There are some mightily fucked-up people in this world, to be sure, but this is rather more fucked than the average.


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Things I never knew about my lecturers. Part One:

My PHIL105 lecturer is blind. I found this out when I went up to him after today's lecture, to tell him a joke. Up until this point I'd been completely unaware of this fact, and only know now because I've been around enough blind people to pick up on the facial mannerisms - not looking at a person who's talking to you, for example, as well as the blemished corneas.
It shouldn't surprise me, but I'd never even considered that he might be visually-impaired. His stance at the podium, the way he interacts with the other lecturer (I now understand why there is another lecturer), and his general demeanour give no clues. Truly a great example of how a disability doesn't have to end one's prospects of having a career and a life.


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They should've beaten him harder, then


If he was limping and only displaying a black eye, they obviously didn't do a particularly good job of beating him.
Given that they would've been wielding PR-24's, which are aluminium riot batons, four cops on a supposedly hog-tied man should've put him into hospital. I think he would've noticed if such punishment were inflicted on him.

Personally, I'd say he deserved whatever they gave him. I might, maybe, be able to muster some sympathy if he'd ended up in a coma, or dead. Possibly. More likely I'd call it good riddance to bad rubbish.
I don't give much credence to the claims that the Police made it worse, either. When a bunch of cops show up and start waving their OC spray around, you sit down and shut up. If you throw things at them, it's all on and you're fair game.

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